Automotive Paints & Ancillaries For The Refinish Industry.

Mastrpart should be your first call for quality auto paints.

Mastrpart are a major supplier to the refinish industry in Morecambe and surrounding areas. We have teamed up with ‘GENERAL Paints’ to provide all the latest top quality automotive coatings. We have the ability to custom mix and match paint, in-house in our purpose built paint mixing facility.

We can supply anything from a 50ml touch up bottle to 5 litres, in one container, and anything above and in-between. We also custom fill 400ml aerosols with a fan nozzle for a professional finish. Mastrpart also stock a full range of body shop tools and consumables, and these products are also available in retail sizes for the DIY enthusiast. Coupled with our depth of stocked product we are a one stop shop for your Refinish needs.



Major supplier to the refinish industry


The latest, top quality automotive coatings

One Stop

One stop shop for your Refinish needs.

From start to finish, our process provides the customer with complete and accurate colour formulations.

Our GPC Pro software allows the end-user access to a database of over 70000 colours for all major vehicles and international standards; new colours are formulated daily and added weekly to our on-line colour retrieval software.

From colour measurement of the original material with the latest multi-angle spectrophotometers to the appropriate software for colour calibration and exact matching; the formula for quality is General.

The colour box which comprises over 8000 colours and variant colours for the most popular vehicles is sprayed in-house using our own paint. This in fact guarantees an unparalleled accuracy in colour matching and variant identification to make the painter’s job faster and easier.

Aside from the widespread solid colours, metallic finishes are nowadays much more common than only a few years back. Certain steps are required in order to ensure a good match.

Every refinishing job starts with the right identification of the colour shade.

A good colour match is dependant on a lot of people putting their best effort together in order to reach the desired goal. lt all starts with the OEM supplier who has to guarantee that every batch is as close as possible to the reference. Keep in mind that a car manufacturer may have different paint suppliers for the same colour. Next the car manufacturer has to do his part to ensure that the OEM paint is being applied in accordance to the manufacturers specifications and that adequate cleaning has been made on all painting equipment when changing colours. The car manufacturer has to provide the refinish suppliers with any colour variations which have occurred.

Of course, the refinish suppliers have to ensure adequate quality control on every base colour produced and then comes the mixing. By providing a product that is researched extensively both in terms of quality and value, we can ensure the long-term success of our endeavours.

The EU Paint and Products Directive (PPD) issues a change in legislation regarding the sale and use of material with a high VOC content. All non compliant products cannot be applied to road going vehicles and must be used for the correct purposes in accordance with the guidelines as set out by DEFRA.